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Tuesday Poetry

This past Saturday, my husband and I went into Boston to join in the Women’s March. We were amazed at just how many people – different kinds and flavors of people! – showed up. As an attendee, I’d like to say: don’t believe everything you read, and please ask someone who was there to describe it. I read something very valuable that said, maybe the March didn’t have very specific goals or outcomes, but maybe the point was bigger: the point was to be there for each other. And that is truly how I felt. This Tuesday, we set no theme for our poems and both of us ending up writing poems that reflect something of the March.¬†

THEME: ¬†Officially, none; unofficially, politics and/or the Women’s March

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Me & The Beatles

The stories we tell about ourselves are some of the most important stories that exist. How we see ourselves – past, present, future – shapes the reality around us. Revisiting memories with tenderness & curiosity & humility is one way we become more human. That’s true on many levels – personal, of course, but also political/historical/national. Given the state of our politics, I feel like it’s time to tell more stories about ourselves. So here’s one.

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Tuesday Poetry

My husband and I started dedicating Tuesday to writing poems – funny, rhythmic, serious, lyrical, whimsical – whatever. Every Tuesday, one of us picks a *completely* random theme and we have the day to work; Tuesdays are way less dull now. In the evening we come together and share. We used to declare a “winner” and share via Facebook, but poetry isn’t about winning, so I will share both here! If you want to participate, leave a comment and I’ll share the theme when it rolls around.¬†

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For the Quiet Girls

The New Year brings with it a joyful urgency to rebuild & recreate ourselves. But the rush to re-create ourselves can get exhausting, especially when every damn Instagram post or Facebook status is about someone getting their hustle on – or side-hustle, or their rise-and-grand, or whatever. This feels especially pressing for women, who are always expected to be and do all things, so I wrote this one day when I had it with all the productivity porn.

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