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Tuesday Poetry

It’s Tuesday, which means poems! Today, there was a strange mix of icy rain and gigantic, spaceship-sized snow flakes that kept the schools closed. For whatever reason, William Carlos Williams’ poem “This is Just to Say” was echoing in my head. The Academy of American Poets has it here for your reading – it’s short, sweet, and beautiful. It’s one of my all time favorites for its clear imagery that somehow manages to pack such a wallop of a feeling. With that in mind, we wrote poems that were short and sweet. 



By Matt

I saw a story on the news about Robert Frost.

About a farm and a farm house

and a stone wall.

And a New England field blanketed with a New England snow.


An image right out of a poem.



Frost’s farms and fields and walls are old

and different than mine.


And so are his poems.


With the blinds drawn open

By Kate

I hadn’t noticed

Until this moment

That outside my window,

Wide and spotted with salt and dirt,

Birds are chirping and chatting


How long it’s been happening I don’t know;

I’m sorry.


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