Tuesday Poetry

It’s Wednesday, I know, I know. Yesterday was Valentine’s! And the day before was a snow day! The days go wacky in the depths of this winter weather. We still managed to infuse poetry into our Tuesday. Both of us kind of had slapdash poems; who cares? It’s fun to use your brain in a creative, stretchy, thoughtful way that you don’t normally. Without further ado, the poems.


“Snoem” (Snow + Poem)

By Matt

Where one day you wear shorts

And the next day you freeze.

People shoveling snow when it’s 60 degrees?

If you’re new to New England,

Then perhaps you don’t know

Any day could have sun -and then rain

-and then snow?!

If you don’t like the weather, 

then I’d recommend,

Just wait a few minutes and check it again. 

If predictable climate’s appealing to you,

Well tough shit, we’re New England. 

Don’t like it? Then screw. 

“A reflection on the snow”

By Kate

Can’t I just feel awful?

Am I allowed a moment to feel heavy
Like the snow that sits where it pleases:
Fences and windowsills and trash.
I’ll melt, I promise, but first
Let me taste that fresh cold crystalline solidness
That is equal parts panic and ease.
Can’t I just rest here, in this weighty state?
It’s a blur when it happens, but by dawn,
it shows the outlines of wherever it pleases:
Fences and windowsills and trash.

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