Tuesday Poetry

So, only I wrote a poem this week. Last week I was on vacation from work and also from any sense of responsibility and obligation. What a treat! (Makes up for public school pay, hehe.) In honor of Mardi Gras, and the most delicious cake I have ever baked and eaten, I offer up this poem. It was inspired by the bountiful crumbs decorating my counter, and an burgeoning mindfulness practice.

ode to a Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate cake (from scratch)

the crumbs on the counter call me out:

evidence of my obvious humanity

evidence of my wanting

(which, though self-centered, was not wanton).

the pedestal upon which it stood, a plain white plate:

each slice deliberate

each angle a careful measure.

the knife’s silver edge, the resistance, the yielding:

every cut a question

every bite an answer.


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